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Learn more about the Public Campaign Finance Board (PCFB) and its mission to improve democracy in New York State.
About the Public Campaign Finance Board
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Public Campaign Finance Board


The Public Campaign Finance Board (PCFB) was established by Part ZZZ of Chapter 58 of the Laws of 2020 (enacting Title 2 of Article 14 of the Election Law). The New York State Public Campaign Financing Program launches after the 2022 general election (the first day of the program is November 9, 2022). 

As part of the New York State Board of Elections (NYSBOE), PCFB is charged with the responsibility of administering the Public Campaign Financing Program for candidates running in Statewide and State legislative elections. The Program provides a multiple match on small contributions from New York State residents to candidates who opt in, allowing candidates the opportunity to raise competitive amounts based on eligible contributions from constituents. For all races, only in-district contributions of $250 or less will be matched.


The PCFB is a bipartisan agency made up of the four existing NYSBOE commissioners plus three newly appointed commissioners (one appointment by the Governor, one joint appointment from the State Legislative majority, and one joint appointment from the State Legislative minority).

  • Barbara Lifton / Chair
  • Brian Kolb / Vice-Chair
  • Keesha Gaskins-Nathan / Commissioner
  • Essma Bagnuola/ Commissioner 
  • Henry T. Berger/ Commissioner
  • Anthony Casale / Commissioner
  • Peter Kosinski / Commissioner

Mission Statement 

The Public Campaign Finance Board (PCFB) was created as a bipartisan unit within the State Board of Elections to implement and oversee the New York State Public Campaign Finance Program. The program is designed to foster participation in the democratic process by matching small dollar contributions with public funds.   

The PCFB is responsible for developing a program for informing candidates and the public as to the purpose and effect of the Program, including the preparation and dissemination of educational materials, providing compliance counseling and guidance to candidates seeking to participate in Program. The PCFB will publish detailed information about the money raised and spent in Statewide and State legislative elections providing transparency to the use of public funds. The PCFB will also provide oversight and enforcement of program provisions to ensure public funds are utilized responsibly and pursuant to program parameters.